A Fisherman's Jewel
The Rapid Strike Lure System is the one lure that will replace 90% of the lure's in your box.

I have been fishing for 47 years and as I got older I found it extremely relaxing, yet challenging, to

 fish after a hard days work. After many years of experience I have found that if you had one lure

 that was tune-balanced and had just the right action, color and sound that would duplicate a

 natural creature that can trigger a fish to strike, it would be the lure the fish were telling me they

wanted. It would have to be user friendly, easy to cast, balanced, have color attraction, search

 abilities, longevity, and hook properly. It must be adaptable to different locations and weather

 conditions and support the abilities to present in a good fish location.  I started building my own

 lures 15 years ago out of wood. This was time consuming and required a technique in order to

 have It operate the way the fish wanted it to operate. I found that store bought lures would function

 properly but most needed to be tuned or required a special technique in order for the fish to

 attack, which a lot of beginners must develop. It can be very time consuming and sometimes

 beginners and even inexperienced fishermen and women can get frustrated and turned off from

 fishing enjoyment due to this learning curve.   The Buzzing Hitchhiker Lure System was made to be

 as close to a perfect top water lure as possible. You can use it in any water conditions, or clarity.

 This lure takes the place of over 30 top water lures that I could think of just off the top of my head

 without requiring any special technique to use it. Young or old, experienced or not, this system wil

l catch you many fish and last for years, providing you with the best fishing memories you can

imagine. You could have 200 lures in your tackle box the one that is tune-balanced and shows

 them what they want is all you’ll really need. This is a top water lure designed to ride over any

 underwater structure. The Buzzing Hitchhiker lure is hand made. The Buzzing Hitchhiker lure is

 assembled from stainless steel aluminum and plastic with wide gap, super strong hooks. It has

 front and rear action sound color front and rear treble hooks for solid hook ups. The rear body is

 interchangeable and can be changed right in your boat on the water. It comes in large and small

 versions.  The body can be changed to meet the fishing conditions to match your location, time,

 weather, color season and you can give the fish what they want not what you want, all in one lure.

 To change the rear body you need a pair of split ring pliers which most people carry in their tackle

 box to remove hooks. From the fish’s mouth, just remove the rear split ring with the hook on it and

 slide the rubber body off front to rear. Remember how it was positioned before you remove it.

 The plastic body must be pushed straight down the middle, right side up and exit in the lower

 middle of the rear torso of the toad lizard or brush hog. Then reinstall the rear snap ring with the

 hook still connected to the steel body. The body should lock in position right side up, all the way

 forward above the front hook.

Recommended Equipment

  • 7 ft. Spinning or casting pole with fast or medium action, spinning or casting with 8 lb.
  • braided line.
  • Cast hold rod tip high at 11 o clock position.
  • Start to reel in as soon as the lure is about to touch down on the surface with a smooth
  • natural touch down.
  • Reel in slowly watching the lure at all times holding the rod tip at 11 o'clock letting the
  •  lure do its job.
  • As soon as you get the strike, set gently. You have two trebles to take over.


About  The Rapid Strike Lure System's Engineer

I have been an auto technician for 33 years building race engines for over 15. I know how important

it is for a mechanical Instrument to perform properly. It must be in order to gain maximum balance,

 efficiency, and longevity to do the job right the first time and every time. This lure took many years

to develop. Every part of the lure has a specific purpose or it wouldn't be added. This is the only fish lure

I use 80% of the time on the water. I promise you this is the best lure you will ever own.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Nick Grimaldi

E-mail: mrngny@aol.com
Phone: 914 556-8663